Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rebuilding Update: May 2018

Well it was scary getting a circular saw, plus jig saw into the layout  and taking out about 30% of the layout.
The amount of finished scenery and buildings that were removed seemed excessive, but it is amazing what we cram into a layout. The dust and dirt hopefully will be cleaned up. Boy the vacuum systems worked overtime.
This was the city section on the "old" layout.
What was the old section that had a return loop under the layout is now 60mm higher and will go from this area across a lift up bridge to the other side of the layout. The base is 12mm plywood and I plan to add a 3mm plywood top to smooth over all the joints. You can see the 3mm plywood sitting on top of the 12mm plywood base here.
Here is the bridge temporarily installed. The hinges are Blum hinges that allow the section to close closely to the base but leverage out to enable a close finish. They are very common in kitchen cabinets. Check out the web for information and how to create the 35mm hole for the hinge etc. I experimented in the garage with a few test pieces before making this hinge.
As of today we have the base almost completed, but not finished.  The next stage is to ensure levels and attach the plywood base. Then I will glue the 3mm plywood top to the base and seal it with an undercoat. 
The other stage is to make the lift up bridge. There will be 3 tracks at one end and two at the other. I plan to add a base and scenic the lift up with a small river crossing. So far the frame seems very stable and I feel confident I can add the tracks and cut them and ensure good alignment. I am still researching how to wire and isolate the tracks to ensure electrical connectivity whilst the bridge is closed but not when open. The web is a valuable tool, even though some of the blogs are questionable. However you can learn something from every experience.
The new secondary line will use the current tracks and pass through Gleeville, Beauville, HJ Yard and return. It will also have a side line to "Tree No More" Pulp Mill. Here is a test of the return section of this line. It is a reversing loop so I had to wire in an automatic return loop switch - a Tam Valley unit. Also you may see that the 12mm plywood is split here to enable extra height in the loop.

More to follow including details of the lift up bridge.

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