Sunday, 7 February 2016

Scenery - January 2016

Between swimming and Christmas festivities the management found some rainy days to work on extending the scenery, especially around the gravel mining town of "Summit", and the hinterlands.
Here are the initial results. Except for the hill behind the gravel mine at Summit the area is lacking trees. I have about 80 pine trees above Summit but estimate I need about 600-1000 more for the layout - maybe more!!!!
This is the warehouse and storage at Summit.

Here is a farm house. The owner is keen on old cars. The women are managing the situation.
Here is the church on the hill overlooking Gleeville. There is a wedding just completed - see the bride and groom on the door step. The minister and assistants are to the right. I have some grave stones to paint and install, plus some more foliage and maybe a signature tree to install..
 Here is the gravel mine - a Walthers kit. The gravel pile behind is styrofoam carved hills covered with grey ballast. Of course a mine needs a lot of electricity so a sub station is needed at Summit. Any business brings management to check and supervise.
 This is the town of Gleeville. The tracks have not been ballasted here yet.
 This is the overpass leading into Summit. The tracks at Summit have been ballasted. Mainline tracks are concrete sleepers and light grey ballast and the passing / storage tracks are wooden sleepers with a darker ballast. Expand the picture and see the guard rails, security posts, and warning signs on the road.
 At the other end of the layout is Leeville. There is a fire in one of the high rise buildings, which is being attended to. Leeville is laid out and most of the buildings are complete but details are still to be added. A new high rise is under construction on the right.

 Here is another view of Leeville under construction. The fire in the high rise building at the back is visible.
 Here is the Intermodal yard and highway overpass entering it.
 Here above Beauville is the working wind farm. This area is yet to be sceniced.
 This is Beccy Pulp - the main pulp mill on the layout. Scenery around the mill and more details are future projects.
 Outside Summit is an old small business that still transfers some cattle and does small engineering jobs. Can you see grandma sitting on the toilet?
 Here is a panorama of Summit from the overpass. The hill / mountain in the background already has about 80 pines installed and still needs more.
 This is the gravel pit at Summit. Not sure what the workers are doing but they are ready for another load from the dozer just off to the right of picture.

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