Monday, 19 October 2015

October 2015 Update.

It has been a while since I updated this blog. Yes, I have been to a few model railroad meetings here in Australia and the USA. And last month I spent 3 weeks in hospital and rehab after getting two new knees. Everything is going well with the knees and the layout has progressed a little whilst I rehab. It didn't progress much for nearly 2 months whilst travelling and in hospital. I am close to opening the layout to a trial operating session. Yes, this is a session where all will have a role to operate a train, or switch wagons around etc. The plan is drafted but I need a couple of helpful volunteers to test out my practices. At the end of the month I will be operating on a colleagues layout so may find some volunteers. Or you may read this and contact me with an offer to help. I have attended several operating sessions this year and it is fascinating to own one part of the layout or a train and interact with everyone else to complete your assigned tasks.

Anyway here is an update and some of the new items since the last update. This is the view as you enter the room. The only lighting in this photo is the LED lights behind the valence.

Slightly  to the right is an island and some almost completed mountain scenery. Here is a new Kato locomotive pulling a double stack train over my "Central Valley bridge" which I built. It is a great kit.

As you can see below the work bench is not that tidy. Above the work bench you can see the staging area which I have opened up since last time. In the background is an extension of the city scene to be completed.The workbench is not only for modelling, but also the computer and programming all the digital locomotives.  Around to the left of this area is another bench and spray booth with exhaust to the outside.

Above the loop at the end of "Leeville" is going to be the city. I am experimenting with layouts right now.

Here is another view of the city at the end of Leeville. Union station is constructed but needs detailing to finish it off and make it come to life.

Here is 4449 stopped at Leeville with a full complement of 18 carriages. This one locomotive can pull the train up and down all the grades on the layout. If steam dies, I have just purchased a Kato PA / PB Southern Pacific Daylight set to take over.

Here is a close up of the staging area below Leeville. There are 4 tracks and each track can handle a 50 car train or multiple smaller trains.

Above the staging at Leeville is an industrial complex which I recently scratch built.

In the industrial area I built a freight forwarding complex (Harley's freight Forwarding). Harley is our only grandchild.

To access the industrial area and connect to Leeville it was necessary to scratch build a modern overhead road system.

In Portland in August, Kaye and I won wo very special one off grain wagons. They were donated by AR Kits of Brisbane and specially decal'd with pictures of Warwick and Toowoomba and the Portland convention logo.

Here is a kit recently completed of an oil depot. I have yet to complete the scenery around it.

Here is a laser cut wooden kit I just completed. My first every wooden laser cut building.

As we get around towards Beauville there is a roadside diner being installed on the highway.

Another new building in Beauville.

Beyond Beauville is a paper mill and some recently acquired pulp wagons.

Here is a train of finished pulp and some empty wagons ready to leave the mill.

As we head towards Summit we pass a double stack train in the mountains.

Here is the scene looking into Summit from the over head road crossing.

At Summit gravel we have an open pit being worked by one grader. Several more graders are still in boxes.

Here is the mine at Summit handling the gravel. I experimented last week with the background scenery. I am not an artist but have friends who are and will comment and advise me on the work.

Here is the local sub station at Summit to feed the mine.

Just out of Summit is an old farm and working industry. To the right are some cattle in pens. To the left is the working "industry". At the back is the "dunny" and grandma is on the seat with the door open.

As we traverse more country we come across a small farm house.

Approaching Gleeville is the Gleeville church on the hill. Eventually the grave stones will come out of hiding and more life (and death) will become visible.

Gleeville is being developed. The street is yet to be completed.

At the Gleeville train depot a local passenger RDC has just arrived with today's workers.

Above Gleeville is the local scrap yard. I have purchased many sheets of perspex to use as protection from folks leaning over too aggressively.

Here is a view from Summit with the new overhead road crossing.

Here is another view of the new roadworks connecting Leeville with the Industrial area.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the update. If you can or want to help please contact me. I sure could use some help with Operations, and general checks on progress.

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