Thursday, 21 May 2015

May 2015 Update

Let's have a look at the layout today and take a trip around it both ways.
You will see a lot of newspaper attached to the backdrop. This is to prevent paint from the scenery I am doing getting on the sky background. Some of this sky background will also be painted with mountain backdrops if I am game in the future. Some has been done now as you will see.
I have largely installed all the FrogJuicers to about 60 switches, DPDT switches to about 10 switches, and 8 Servo motors to 8 switches. To date there is still a short that occurs intermittently - I suspect it could be a switch frog that is not isolated 100%. I will seek outside help to bring some logic to the solution.

So let's start from the passenger terminal at Leeville. UP 956 running a smooth sided passenger express is about to leave.

Here is another photo of it. Above the passenger terminal will be a city one day. Many of the buildings are built but need to be positioned - another project.
 Now UP956 is about to enter the city which is not finished. You can see Union station and I have many other city buildings to add. Most are built and waiting for construction to commence. Once I get the two servo switches here working 100% I will start the city landscape.

Here is UP 956 coming out of the city. Note on the right is the 4 track staging yard. From the aisle whilst operating most people would not see these staging tracks.

Here we pass the start of the freight yard.
 Now we head down the freight yard. On the right is the future container depot - intermodal yard.
 UP 956 is passing Kaye's Flour and also still passing the freight yard.
 As we pass out of the freight yard we cross a small river and highway overpass.
 Heading into Beauville. Deauville will be a busy old industrial area and junction to Beccy Pulp / Paper Mill.
 Emerging from the Beauville Mountains. The left hand tunnel is the entrance to staging.
 Entering Gleeville. Gleeville is an old town and engine servicing town. (read turntable)
 Gleeville Industrial station. Eventually there will be an operating crossing gate here.
 Climbing out from Gleeville.
 Climbing above Gleeville
 Entering Summit. Summit is the top level and has a major gravel mine. Note on the left a small industry. When you see the details it includes a lady on a toilet with the door open.
 Summit Gravel. This is still work in progress, and there will be significant activity installed soon.
 Exiting Summit. Highway overpass obove.
 Mountain section. This is where we have to manage a single track mainline. It currently has a simple signalling control which will extend later.
 Exiting tunnel in mountains.
 Passing Beccy Paper works.
 Culvert above Beccy Paper works.
 Exiting mountains.
 Passing HJ Intermoldel Yard. My first attempt at background painting.
 Heading back to Leeville station.

Now we will take a freight train of automobiles around the layout.
BNSF 9762 about to leave yard with car carrying load.
 BNSF9672 approaching Leeville.
 BNSF9762 approaching Leeville. Note the 4 track staging below.
 BNSF9767 leaving Leeville and overpass to the Intermodal.

 BNSF9762 above Beauville.
 Entering tunnel above Beauville.
 In mountains above Beccy paper Mill.
 Mountain section. This is the only section almost completely sceniced. The track is ballasted. I need to complete the scene with a fence and power poles.
 Through mountains

 BNSF 9762 in Summit.
 BNSF9762 above Gleeville
 BNSF9762 passing Gleeville engine facilty and wrecking car yard.
 BNSF9762 entering Gleeville.
 BNSF9762 entering Beauville. I still have a few tracks to lay here.
 Exiting Beauville and about to pass under the highway. Eventually there will be a fuel terminal on the left.
 Passing Kaye's Flour
We are now close to the stage of inviting operators to "run trains". Some of the operating details need to be honed and the wiring checked 100% under stress.
Many of the locomotives have been speed matched and their roster catalogued in Decoder pro.

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