Thursday, 9 October 2014

1st Full Circuit Completed: October 2014.

As of today a full circuit of the mainline plus the staging area are complete. In total this is about 75 meters (230 feet) of track. So, to travel the entire route at normal speed takes about 10 minutes. Once the towns and industries plus passing sidings, industry tracks etc are finished then a complete loop will occupy an operator nearly 30 minutes or more. The mainline will be double track in 75+% of the circuit but between these areas are single track which will force operators to wait for the line to clear. Today I have 4 wired hand held controllers (NCE T- Handles) and one NCE Radio Throttle. 
Thinking about operations is definitely a current challenge and I look forward to sharing the layout with many of you.
Here are some photos taken today:
All the structures and other background are temporary and not likely to be permanently fixed into their current positions. Also many of my structures are not suitable for a modern era western USA scene so will have to go to the eBay in the sky one day. 

This is Beautown:
 Here is an area that will be industrial - including a container terminal.
 Here is the Kato Mikado with sound at Gleeville.
 Here is the Mikado passing Kaye's Flour.
 The structures and background may be used somewhere but not here. Also the Dremel is work in progress. By the way the latest Dremel is terrific - much faster than others and easy / quick connect devices. The router attachments are first class and handy for opening holes for panels, switches etc.
 Here is what will be Leeville. Note the vertical metal bracket post. This fits nicely over N Scale track so is great for ensuring and aligning the track once laid on the caulk. Thanks Graeme Bull from NMRA Sydney group.
 Here are a couple of trains at Gleeville.
 At the northern end of Gleeville will be a 130 ft turntable and working area. I have kept a scrap metal dealer model from a previous layout.
 Here is Summit.

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