Wednesday, 6 August 2014

August Update:

Well a lot of activity has happened over the last month.
The staging tracks seem to test out OK (after a few sections were replaced).
So I progressed with developing the rest of the layout base. By this date (August 6, 2014) I had all that completed.
In terms of wiring the 4 sections I had decided on. the following colours for the bus wires.
1. Staging Bus wires - green and white.
2. Remote town and mining area: Black and Red Bus.
3. City and Approaching industry section: Black and Red.
4. Industrial and Small town area: Blue and white bus wire.

The two Red and Black bus wires are very separate and will be labelled so there is no confusion.
I also have tested the first two Tam Valley "Frog Juicers" that automatically reverse the polarity of the switch frogs when the switch is moved. 
I unpacked the last of my boxes of materials and structures that I had in storage over the last few years, and laid out many of the structures where they may go. 
I also did a reasonable amount of wiring. One lesson I learnt about wiring was to install junctions rather than have multiple separate lengths of wire. So from the power district controllers wires ran to junctions before leading the to layout. Where there was more than one set of lines leading out I used a junction and all the cables are connected with round end cable connectors soldered to the wire. These are then screwed to the junction creating a very secure connection but one that can easily be segmented by removing a connection for testing. This seems to be best practice wiring for a model railroad and it is worth the effort and cost to do it this way.
Here is a set of pictures updating you on progress.
This is the city area above staging.
 This is the city return loop.
 Here is the city and loop section before any track.
 Here is the remote town loop.

Note Mum on toilet.
 Risers and base.
 Risers before base installed. The base will be attached to the  horizontal riser support and screwed in place.
 Here is the Staging entrance pinned down into the caulk. Note the bus wiring underneath the tracks. The bus wires lead through small holes drilled in the risers.
A structure from a previous layout. Will I use it???
 The city area with some structures and the raised road in place. The structure are very temporary at this stage.
The end of the staging are and the junctions which will mostly be hidden tracks when scenery is completed. Note the background. It bends 90 degrees here but because it is curved the effect is more realistic.
Here is the 1st section of valence installed around the controllers.
 Here is the valence around the entrance to the staging area near the city area. Once I have painted the masonite and completed the valence the staging will be largely hidden but will still be accessible from above.

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