Sunday, 24 August 2014

August 24, 2014 Update.

Here are some photos of the progress.
The first train has run to "Gleeville". 
Graeme Bull and Mike Bartlett have both visited in the last week. Thanks guys - I need to organise myself so we can create a working session.
All the cork roadbed is in place - it still needs to be sanded and bevelled prior to track laying.
I have found the detailing of the switches to make them DCC friendly, very time consuming. Cutting the rails to isolate the frogs, wiring (soldering) jumpers and wiring to the frog takes some time.
I need advice on wiring and laying complex track elements. The issue is where to solder the power connectors? In some cases the switches are without power and I have had to jumper wires and solder them after the rails are glued down. Do I solder the joiners? Do I solder power leaves to the switches? 
Here is the first train at Gleeville.
 Here is the roadbed in place at Summit where I plan a gravel quarry and loading facility.
 Here is the exit from Summit where it will go to the spline roadbed through the mountains.
 Here is the city area around Leesville. You can see the staging tracks below almost hidden by the dark walls. The buildings are temporary to give some initial ideas.

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