Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Background and Planning:

How I got to this stage.

In 2009  we decided to move house. We bought an old house which we would eventually bulldoze and then rebuild a new home on the site. Despite working full time I had almost completed my N Scale empire in it’s own air conditioned and well sealed room in the current house. I had managed to get a couple of NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) certificates and was feeling good about what I had created.
A keen Real Estate salesman for the "old" house decided the train room was a great home theatre or teenager’s retreat and should be shown as such to sell the house.. Alas the train was dismantled, some items boxed and many put into a dumpster.
The new house was on a block of land fronting the ocean, so  immediately plans and thoughts for the new train room in the new house started.
We decided to live in the old house whilst plans were done and also to get to know the weather patterns etc. This was a good move for the house design and also details of the train room.  The time also enabled me to build a diorama and experiment with new techniques I would use on the new layout. I wanted a full shadow box / museum type layout. I also wanted to use RGB / LED lighting to simulate time of day.  I used the time to do further research and use the experience and consulting of others.

I have been a member of the NMRA for 50 years – wow, that is a long time. I have enjoyed that time with the NMRA and have gained some skills I plan to put to use on my current layout and share with anyone that is willing to read my story.
As plans developed for the new house the architect was reminded that a significant room was needed within the house for a ‘hobby”. It did not require windows so could be behind the views of the ocean etc. In fact given the ocean outlook it was good to keep it away from any potential salt spray.
Every time the architect presented a plan the mind went active with possible scenarios of the layout and the practicality of the room. Could lumber be brought in easily? Could we paint in there and clean brushes nearby?Would this room work with the rest of the house?
During the time whilst designing and building I also build a diorama. It was a shadow box design: 1.8 meters long by 400mm deep. It incorporated RGB lighting with a manual remote control. The RGB was a stick on strip of lights across the top front, behind the valence. It worked great – providing day, night, and dusk scenes.
The time gave me opportunities to share my plans and “Druthers” with other modellers, especially local NMRA members. I became a member of the Layout design Special Interest Group (LDSIG) of the NMRA. At the Atlanta NMRA Convention I signed up for 2 consulting sessions with “experts”. As a professional business executive and consultant, I was blown away with the quality of the coaching and consulting I received from these NMRA LDSIG experts.

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